On December 31, 2018, the founders of the Base Camp announced to those close to the project their decision to put an end to it. Here is the letter they sent them.

Hello everyone!

Yuanyuan and I, as initiators, have spent the last few weeks evaluating our commitment to the Base Camp project.

We observe that by the end of 2018, we have failed to unite the multicultural, multigenerational collective that we have been calling for. Nor did we succeed in founding a place where this group could flourish. (These two objectives formed the essence of the project’s raison d’être at its founding.) After four years of dedicating all our energy to the project, we decided to end it.

This adventure has been rich in encounters, discoveries, learning and harvesting. We are today more than we were yesterday. It is the fruit of our approach and it is the fruit of the interaction with all those who accompanied us. May each and everyone be thanked for what they brought to the project and its initiators.

By closing the door of the Base Camp, we open wide the door to all the possible. We do not yet know what direction or what shape will take our family path. However, our way of life will remain the same, infused with the values, ethics and worldview we have been embodying since we initiated this project.

We hope you happy on your life paths.

May 2019 be for you all a serene and positive year.


michael & yuanyuan