The initiators of the project have terminated it in December 2018. Please read their conclusion letter.

The Base Camp project has been initiated during Spring 2014. This collective project, focused on permaculture and education, is led by the association.

The Base Camp project Raison d’etre

  • Form an open, multigenerational, and multicultural collective based on humanist and ecological values
  • Establish a Base Camp, a living place and venue designed according to the ethical principles and design principles 
of permaculture, to provide an appropriate environment 
for free learnings and the personalized transmission 
of knowledge, skills and attitudes useful to contribute 
to the transition of society
  • Serve as a study model and a source of inspiration for the creation of other Base Camps

Discover the different aspects of the project

During the development of the project, various documents were produced by the association to clarify the different aspects of the project, on the one hand, to document its evolution, on the other hand:

All these documents are updated as the project progresses. They are available as slideshows and downloadable pdf files.